Your guide to help navigate out of the weird conspiracy fake news sites

Mari's Mission

WT F SKY takes it's inspiration from Ezekiel 34:16 “I will seek the lost, and I will bring back the strayed. . ."

Oh how easy it is to get lost! It is so easy to be lead astray online.   The big names out there in regards to this topic are only in it for personal gain.   The lies and disinformation are everywhere.  WT F SKY Stands for Where's the Faith, and sometimes what the fuck.   Many researching Planet X, Nibiru etc tend to villainize the skies and curse the world we live in hoping for the end to come.


That’s where WTFSKY comes in. We provide a peaceful place of respite in the tumult of Planet X research. So come, put aside the cares of the week and find yourself in the presence of God. Lets look to the skies with awe and inspiration.  Let's take comfort in our faith and learn not to fear the unknowns that come with this particular topic.

Hey!  I am Mari! Welcome to  WT F Sky!  I geek out on sky stuff!  I have a genuine compassion for humanity and love to help people. I truly hope this FREE website helps people learn about the beautiful world we live in. 

Who is this mari chick?